Brassington FC Fixtures 2013

When           Who/Where            Kick Off
Thursday 12 April      Brassington v The Bridge          6.45pm
Monday 15 April        Biggin v Brassington              6.45pm
Thursday 18 April       Brassington v Bye               
Monday 22 April        Rose & Crown v Brassington      7.00pm
Thursday 25 April       Brassington v Wheel              7.00pm
Thursday 2 May        Red Lion v Brassington            7.00pm
Tuesday 7 May         Brassington v FC Hulland          7.00pm
Monday 13 May        Kirk Langley v Brassington         7.00pm
Monday 20 May        Bradley v Brassington             7.00pm
Thursday 23 May       Brassington v Mayfield            7.00pm
Monday 3 June         Osmaston v Brassington           7.30pm
hursday 6 June        Brassington v Weston             7.30pm
Thursday 13 June       Brassington v Doveridge           7.30pm
Monday 17 June        Wheel Inn v Brassington           7.30pm
Monday 24 June        Doveridge v Brassington           7.30pm
hursday 27 June      Brassington v Kirk Langley         7.30pm
Thursday 4 July        Weston v Brassington             7.30pm
Thursday 11 July       Brassington v Red Lion            7.30pm
Monday 15 July         FC Hulland v Brassington          7.30pm
Thursday 18 July        Brassington v Osmaston          7.30pm
Thursday 25 July        Brassington v Bradley             7.30pm
Monday 29 July         The Bridge v Brassington          7.00pm
Thursday 1 August      Mayfield v Brassington            7.00pm
Monday 5 August       Brassington v Bye
Thursday 8 August      Brassington v Biggin             7.00pm
Monday 12 August      Brassington v Rose & Crown      7.00pm


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