Brassington Village Shop

For some time, the village had been without a shop, not quite being big enough to make a local convenience store viable.


However this has recently all changed with the involvement of local entrepreneur Peter Fox, who has invented an automatic village shop, that can dispense some 90 different products from what amounts to a giant vending machine, built to look like a traditional village stores. By using modern technology, costs can be reduced to a level where a viable village shop is a reality again.


Products range from the staples such as milk, bread and eggs, to household items such as washing powder, cleaning products and soap, and some luxuries such as chocolates and fruit juice.


The shop is located at the Miners Arms pub car park, in the centre of the village. The shop is open every day from 6.30am until 11.30pm, and takes coins, notes and credit & debit cards, as well as giving change.


Peter's business, which can be viewed at villagevending.com, is growing a network of shops to support small communities and has attracted a great deal of interest !










(opening of the village shop, July 6th 2014)