Brassington Wickerman

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The Wickerman

In the sleepy village known to the locals as brassn nothing very much happened for a few thousand years apart from lead related incidents. And then a truly momentous event happened. Due to the sheer brilliance of Stuart Wheeldon and George Lomas a Wickerman was born unto us.

In 2005 George and Stuart created the first Brassington Wickerman, a wicker/wooden construction measuring over sixteen feet high. The structure stood outside the Miners Arms, Brassington for the week before the traditional wakes week. Then on the Saturday evening of wakes week the wickerman was lowered to the ground and raised above the heads of the local villagers. The wickerman was carried to an open space on Wirksworth Dale, where it was set alight and burnt to the ground

Last year the event became very popular with well over 200 people following it. Local bands performed music and The Miners Arms laid on the beer where, in true Brassington style, large quantities were consumed.

This year (2011) he is roughly 30 foot tall, almost twice the height of the first Wickerman, which is very concerning for Nick Hutty, this years builder. A Wickerman festival is being held on the 30th July, with music, beer and general tomfoolery.

Each year parts of the Wickermans remains, the bits that refused to burn, are kept and displayed in the Miners Arms. These remnants are then incorporated into the construction of the following years Wickerman, ensuring that he remains eternal (No not the pop band). Call in for a pint and a very nice man called Jon will tell you more. (Come on I had to say that he is my Landlord). The Wickerman will stand outside The Miners throughout Wakes week, where people will have the opportunity to place wishes in a box at his feet. These wishes will be burnt with the Wickerman on the night. Other traditions also seem to emerge each year as he grows; for instance we have acquired a fine bottle of scotch as a toast to the Wickerman before he is set ablaze. It will be a burnt toast so to speak.

So if you fancy a damn fine time, pop along. All you'll need is a fine heart, a picnic and the urge to dance around a three-acre field like a fool but please please keep your clothes on or you will be laughed at.

See you soon.