Brownie Programme 2016

Winter Term 2016


11th Jan         New Games Night - playing jelly baby table football and human hungry hippos

18th Jan         Adventure Night and Promise night 

25th Jan         World Traveller Badge – France & The Netherlands.  We're going round Europe by train

1st Feb          World Traveller Badge – Switzerland, Austria, Germany 

8th Feb          World Traveller Badge – Spain, Italy, England 

15th Feb        Half Term - no meeting

21st Feb        District Thinking Day Brailsford - World Centres and the World Guiding Badge

22nd Feb        Thinking Day - WAGGGS - Connected badge

29th Feb        Leap Day - full of unexpected things

7th Mar         Connected badge and Adventure badges

14th Mar        Adventure badges

21st Mar        Easter Hunt

29th March, 4th April   Easter Holidays - no meeting


Summer Term 2016


11th April       Joining Guides, getting ready for Pack Goliday

15-17 April      Pack Holiday Darley Dale

18th April       Brownie Holiday Badge

                  Deciding whick parts of the Craft Badge to do

                                - well dressing (local craft)

25th April       Adventure badges

2nd May        Bank Holiday - No Brownies

9th May         Craft Badge - bring plain T-shirt for dyeing

                                 - pyrography

                                 - bracelet weaving

16th May        Designer badge - deciding which parts to do

23rd May        Singing

30th May        Half term - no meeting

29-31 May       London holiday

6th June        Designer badge and Mission Spectacular

13th June       Celebrate the Queens Birthday

20th June       Mission Spectacular -  Giant Art Attack, 100p. challenge

27th June       Campfire at Pax Hoh

2nd July        ThinkTank Science Museum Birmingham 

4th July         American Independence Day - Native American tracking & Woodcraft

10th July        District Olympic Day

11th July        No meeting  

18th July        Olympics in Rio

Aug              Camp sleepover

                   Lea Green Activity Centre


Autumn Term 2016


12th Sept        Games Night

19th Sept        Adventure badges and planning Brownie market

26th Sept        Artist Badge

3rd Oct          Artist Badge

10th Oct         Brownie Market

17th Oct         Adventure badges & indoor campfire

24th Oct         Half term

31st Oct         Hogwarts party

7th Nov          Friends to animals badge

14th Nov         Visit to Pets at home (Friend to animals badge)

21st Nov         Cancelled

26th Nov         District Christmas Crafts Day

27th Nov         Beatrix Potter night

5th Dec          French Christmas

12th Dec         Christmas party