Current Parish Council Activities

This page is intended to provide background on some the more major Parish Coucil activities in addition to the formal Mnutes.


The information contained in the formal Parish Council minutes take precedent in any contradiction between these notes and the minutes.


The Parish Council welcome your feedback on any of the issues raised.


The following are temporary placeholders page. These should be replaced shortly with more detailed information. We will also assign a Parish Council contact for each item. 


Planning - Feb 14th 2014

This page will be used to highlight any major planning applications affecting the village. It is not intended to cover all planning applications to individual provate properties


Current Issues:

5 Wind Turbines at Griffe Farm, Longcliffe. It is understood that a planning application is being worked up for submission in the coming months.


Roads - Feb 14th 2014


Options are currently being considered to improve road safety in the village, particularly around the entry into the village from Longcliffe. Traffic past the Village Hall when pre-school is starting and finishing is a concern.


How to manage the pinch point on between Church street and Well street is also being considered.


Village Plan - Feb 14th 2014

The Village Plan is currently going through an update to help keep Brassington a great place to live over the next 10-20 years.


If you have any views on how you would like to see the village develop or would like to join the team to help the shape the plan, please contact Roger Jackson ( rogjackson6@gmail.com)


Dog Poo- Feb 14th 2014

The perennial Dog Poo problem is high on the agenda again. It is disgusting. If you see the culprits, report it to the Parish Council and a letter will be set initially followed by the potential for more formal action if it continues


Playground- Feb 14th 2014

The Parish Council have started to look at options to develop and maintain the children’s playground over the coming years.