Letter from Severn Trent Water - about parking charges at Carsington

Letter received 28th April 2016

Dear Brasson Banter,


I hope I can help clarify the pricing structure here at Carsington Water for the benefit of your readers.


We offer two tariffs at the visitor centre, a charge of £4.70 for the whole day, or £2.50 for up to two hours. The two options were selected based on visitor feedback which showed that most visitors tend to either spend the whole day on site or spend a couple of hours here at the visitor centre combining using one or more of the facilities such as the shops, the restaurant, the wildlife centre, the children’s play area or enjoying a short walk.


The rates themselves were decided as part of a benchmarking exercise with similar attractions and have remained at the same rate for several years now. For frequent visitors we also offer an annual parking permit which offers unlimited parking for £45. Permit holders can register one or two vehicles for this price and these can be purchased at the visitor centre.


The income generated from the car parks is used here at the reservoir to help fund the site, paying for maintenance and improvements from the miles of paths, the play ground and the visitor centre, to the woodland, wetland, and grassland habitats we manage for visitors and for wildlife.


As our tariffs are based on visitor feedback we’re always happy to receive suggestions which can help us find the most appropriate tariffs when we revisit our car parking policy.


If you have any further questions or there is anything else I can help you with please feel free to get in contact.


Kind regards





John Matkin

Visitor Site Supervisor – Carsington Water

Property Operations


01629 540696




Severn Trent Water

Carsington Water Visitor Centre