Neighbourhood Watch (including police contact)


There is an active Neighbourhood Watch scheme operating in Brassington, which encourages people to look out for and report crimes or suspicious incidents.

The scheme provides a valuable link with the police who will also give advice on crime and reduction of anti-social behaviour. Households are encouraged to display a Neigbourhood Watch sticker as a deterrent to potential criminals.

Residents can also opt to take part in a community messaging service, Derbyshire Alert, whereby they receive an email, telephone or mobile message to advise them of any incidents or suspicious behaviour happening in and around Brassington.

An additional benefit of the scheme is that many insurance companies give a discount on policies where houses are located in an active Neigbourhood Watch area such as ours.

The scheme consists of 15 street co-ordinators looking after their immediate neigbourhoods. All households have been visited with information leaflets and window stickers. Every effort is made to speak to new residents after they move in but if you have been missed or require further copies please contact the overall co-ordinator for Brassington, Sandra Arkinson on 01629 540628 or email atkinson1913@gmail.com.




Your point of contact in respect of an actual or suspected crime is the police. If you see a crime in progress then immediately dial 999. However a new, easy-to-remember number, 101 has been introduced to report any other suspicious activity or anti-social behavior, which will connect with the nearest police force to you anywhere in the country. To contact Derbyshire police if you are outside the County at the time, you will need to dial 0845 123 3333.


Our local Police Community Support Officer is Kate Wakefield. You can contact her via the 0845 number above or email: kate.wakefield.4431@derbyshire.pnn.police.uk

Crime prevention items can be purchased from any police station or via PCSO Kate Wakefield at a substantial discount. These including Smartwater (this is a liquid which has a unique number in it like DNA and can be used to mark property. It is impossible to remove. The number is registered on a database by Smartwater Ltd. RRP £45), UV key rings, chain and padlock, dawn to dusk bulbs, intruder alarm, remote car alarm, shed alarm.


Security surveys can also be carried out free of charge by trained Police Officers.