VHMC AGM Minutes October 2013

Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC)


Minutes of an Annual General Meeting


Held at 8.00pm on Tuesday 15th October 2013


At Brassington Village Hall


Present:  Angie Woolley (Chair), Rachel Jenkinson (Secretary), June Baldwin (Joint Treasurer), Lucy Wilson (Lettings Secretary), Jan Meads (Vice Chair), Liz Fargent, Val Allcock, Wendy Slater, Jenny Jack

Apologies:  Melissa Barron, Keith Meads, Phil & Beverley Buckley, Judy Wherry


Minutes of the last AGM were read.

Approved by  Jan Meads and seconded by June Baldwin.


Treasurer’s Report

Income from Wakes £1328

Expenses were negligible, currently not known but were from advertising in press.

Current A/c balance - £100 (max allowed)

1st Reserve Bank A/c balance - £1536

Bus A/c balance - £6060.74

No big bills outstanding, everything paid up to date. 

Note was made that there would shortly be a fuel bill.


Resignations / Election of Members / Representatives

All present officers resigned and a new committee was formed as follows:

Chair    Angie Woolley

Vice Chair    Jan Meads

Joint Treasurer    Melissa Barron/June Baldwin

Vice Treasurer    Judy Wherry

Lettings Secretary    Lucy Wilson

Minute Secretary    Rachel  Jenkinson

General    Val Allcock/Jenny Jack

Parish Council    TBC

PCC    Rod Prince

British Legion    TBC

Over 60’s    Liz Fargent

Thursday Nighters    Doreen Arnold

Pre-School    Melissa Barron

Brownies    Wendy Slater

Football Club    TBC

FOBS    Lucy Wilson

Co-opted    Don Charity


Objectives for 2014

To continue to maintain a busy and successful Village Hall

It was noted that the Objectives for 2013 had been met.


Any Other Business

Don Charity asked whether there should be a representative on the committee from the village allotments.

It was agreed to ballot the village organisations to see whether they can submit  representatives.


Date of next meeting

The next Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th October 2014 at 8.00pm.


The meeting closed at 8.25pm.


Notes taken by Rachel Jenkinson (Secretary).


Cc:  Village Hall Notice Board