VHMC Minutes October 2013

Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC)


Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting


Held at 8.00pm on Tuesday 15th Oct  2013




Angie Woolley (Chair), Rachel Jenkinson (Secretary), June Baldwin (Joint Treasurer), Jan Meads (Vice Chair), Lucy Wilson (Lettings Secretary) Jenny Jack,  Wendy Slater, Val Allcock, Don Charity, Liz Fargent


Apologies:  Melissa Barron, Judy Wherry, Keith Meads, Phil & Beverley Buckley


The Minutes of the last Ordinary Meeting were read and approved.


Chairman’s Report


The Village Hall has had a good year with bookings up.


Wages for Caretaker


Currently £7.50/hr.  Proposed to pay an extra £1/hr.  Accepted.




Bike Race Pitstop - not as well supported as last year. Made approx £45.  Debatable whether or not it is worth while offering the Village Hall facilities.  It was agreed that when the race organiser contacts us we will obtain more info for next year to enable us to make a decision as to whether or not this is a viable event.


Spring Clean


It was agreed that this should continue as an annual event.

Date for next year - Saturday 29th March


Dirty areas upstairs - agreed that pre-school be asked to keep the area clean.  Agreed to ask Sally Lyons (Caretaker) whether she can spend some time, possibly extra, cleaning this area.  Angie Woolley to ask Sally and pre-school.




Upstairs - agreed that Gareth Jordan to be asked to quote.  Ceiling to be included.  Jenny Jack to ask for quote.


Sealing outside walls - agreed to ask Don Lyons to seal both sides.




Agreed to obtain quotes to re-carpet downstairs, like for like.  Jenny Jack to obtain quote. Regarding the renewal of curtains - a decision re this is to be considered next year.


Village Hall Hourly Rate


Agreed to increase the charge to £6/hr.  Agreed to approach Pre-school to put charge up from Jan1st 2014 to £4.   Brownies charge to go up to £4 also.


Discussed fixing the fuel cost.  June Baldwin tasked to investigate.




To maintain a busy and successful Village Hall




May Ball - Val Allcock has kindly made arrangements for this event.


Date: 17th May 2014

Venue: Carsington Water

3 course meal with guests offered Pimms on arrival

Live Band

Tickets - £25

Auction - Val Allcock to ask for items


Above event and costs agreed.


Jan Meads suggested that as Henry Hall’s old photos of the village etc have recently been put on a DVD, generating a lot of interest, this could  be used as a fund raiser for early next year.  Agreed.  Jan is to ask Phil Buckley to organise.


Lucy asked about a handyman for callouts - Jamie Jack and Lee Barron suggested.  Agreed to compile a contact list. It was agreed that we need to review the list of tradesmen.

Brownie cupboard door (hinge) to go on the list for tradesman to fix.


Wendy Slater suggested having a Hall Users meeting to discuss various aspects of the Hall usage.  Angie Woolley to arrange.


The meeting closed at 9.15pm.



Notes taken by Rachel Jenkinson (Secretary)


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