Whist Drive at Brassington

Whist Drive at Brassington


Write a poem about whist drives, I heard someone say

For it's more than a card game to pass time away

On the dullest of days it's a wonderful treat

It's not just the game it's the people you meet


In the Legion Hut, Wednesday, after lunch, nothing fancy

We pay our dues as we're greeted by Nancy

We look round the room, say hello to who's there

Find a half-empty table and pull up a chair


There's preliminary chat till the others arrive

Then settle in earnest as for two hours you strive

To outwit opponents with your cards or with guile

But whatever you do, you try to do with a smile


There's a break for refreshment when you chat a bit more

Glance at your card and add up your score

You weigh up your chances with groans or with sighs

You get an idea of your hopes of a prize


Just a word about prizes, they're not all that great

Biscuits, tinned fruit or chocolate the bait

But there's always the raffle, with prizes galore

Two's the limit, says Nancy, so don't come for more


If you've got over eighty, you've a chance, there's no doubt

But if you've got less than sixty, you're right up the spout

Though you may get the booby, that's the one hope you've got

A nice bar of chocolate, as likely as not


But! - if you don't get the cards, they say, you can't win

Your dream of success will be terribly thin

But whist is like life, with its ups and its downs

Sometimes it's smiles, sometimes it's frowns


But we'll carry on playing, for the game, not reward

Help get rid of aggressions with cards not with swords

Take life's aces and deuces and do the best we can

For life seldom goes according to plan


So we'll just keep on playing whilst we've cards in our hand

And whilst we are playing we'll quite understand

That sometimes we'll win and sometimes we'll lose

And if fate trumps our ace - we won't blow a fuse.


This poem was written some years ago by Maurice Bown about the regular Whist Drive held at the British Legion Hall on 1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 1.30. Nancy Dunsby ran the Whist Drive for many years. For more information, please ring Joan on 540482.